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Classroom Procedures
The classroom procedures are for our benefit since they help us to do our work with less confusion, which will ultimately help us succeed.  The procedures we will use most often are listed below.  Please be aware that as the semester progresses new procedures will be added.  Also be aware that any procedure is subject to change at my discretion.

How to enter the classroom – Prior to entering, you are to line up on the right side of my door located next the classroom.  When you enter the classroom, you are to immediately sharpen your pencils, clock in, turn in your cell phone, sit in your assigned seat, and begin your opening.  Your opening assignment is located on the board in the front of the room.  Talking is not permitted.

Daily announcements and/or The Pledge of Allegiance – This is to be NO talking during the announcements.  You are to stand during the Pledge, unless I have a signed statement from your parent/guardian stating that you are exempt.  The announcements and/or Pledge are for the benefit of everyone in the class.  Talking may hinder someone from hearing what is being said.  While the announcements are being given, everyone is to sit quietly at their desk.

How to head your paper –Head your paper by writing the following in the upper right hand corner of your paper, in the order given below:




Assignment (pg number, board work, etc.)

How to turn in your papers – Papers will be passed to one area in your section for collection to an assigned student or myself.

If you would like to sharpen your pencil – Sharpen your pencil once you enter the classroom, before the bell rings.  Bring at least 2 sharpened pencils and a black or blue pen to class everyday.  If you must sharpen your pencil during class, raise your hand and wait to be called upon. 

If you need help with an assignment – Please do not yell.  When you yell, this disturbs your fellow students and perhaps the students in another classroom.  Simply raise your hand and I will be happy to assist you. 

Trash – You are not permitted to get out of your seat to throw away trash.  Do not throw trash on the floor or inside of the desks.  You may throw away trash when you are dismissed from class.

When I want your attention – You will see me hold up my hand or ask you to “Clap if you can hear me”.  When this happens:


Turn and face me.  Pay attention and keep your eyes on me.

Be ready for instruction and listen carefully for important information.

Dismissal – The bell does not dismiss you.  The clock does not dismiss you.  Dismissal will only take place under the instruction of the teacher once the room has been checked for cleanliness and order.

Restroom – You are to use the restroom during the 5 minutes between class changes.  Emergency passes will only be given at my discretion.  No one will be allowed to go during the first and last 10 minutes of class, nor will passes be issued during instruction.

Materials – Please bring your own materials to class.  Do not expect others to share their materials with you.

If you are finished with an assignment early – If you are finished with your assignment early, raise your hand.  I will then check over your work and instruct you further.  You are not to talk to other students who are done or disturb those who are still working.

What to do when you are tardy – If you arrive to class after the bell rings, sign the tardy log, clock in, and proceed quietly to your seat.  The tardy log is located by the door, next to the pencil sharpener.

What to do when you are absent – Students with excused absences are responsible for obtaining missed work.  All work is under the assignments page of my website or in Verge.  

What to do when visitors enter the classroom – When there is a visitor in our classroom, you are to be on your best behavior.  Stay on task at all times.  Give our visitor a positive impression about our class.

Emergency Drills – Emergency Drill information is posted on the wall above the pencil sharpener.  You are expected to follow the safety precautions and drill procedures given by the teacher.

Going to the Media Center/Computer Lab – You are expected to walk in a silent-single file line to and from the media center/computer lab.  The same rules from the classroom apply.  Enter quietly and immediately take your seat.


The Classroom

  1. Always greet the teacher when meeting for the first time, whether it be morning or not.
  2. Be sure that you have everything you need--text, paper, pen, etc. Don't be a carpenter without tools.
  3. When called on to recite, always make some sort of reply. Don't sit dumbly in the seat and say nothing. Don't even think too long. Valuable minutes are wasted thus.
  4. When standing or sitting, hold yourself erect. Don't slouch. Talk clearly and sufficiently loud for everyone in the room to hear.
  5. Don't make a habit of laughing at the mistakes of others. This often hinders a person from doing his best.
  6. Don't deface property. Writing on or cutting into desks or chairs, writing and drawing in books, breaking the backs, or turning down the corners of pages of texts are evidences of poor training.
  7. Make it your business to keep the room in order. Straighten the shades, keep the floor and desks free of waste paper, and erase the boards when they need it.
  8. Don't Cheat. You will never learn by "copying" from your neighbor or from the book.
  9. Do not argue with or contradict the teacher in class. If you think that she has made a mistake, wait until the hour is over and discuss it with her quietly at the desk.
  10. Do not yell out the answers to questions; wait until you are called upon. The teacher will let you know when concert recitation is desired.
  11. Don't mistake the classroom for a lunchroom or a bedroom.
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