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Introduction to Computer Security
Introduction to Cyber Security
Object sketches
Drafting 2
Front View 2
Drafting 1
Front View
Intro to drafting
website evaluation rubric
When citing evidence in projects or papers. The students need to provide evidence that they found creditable sources. This website rubric will ensure that.
Physics Equation Sheet
You will need these formulas in Engineering Class
Compare and Contrast Careers in Engineering
Classwork Assignment during the first weeks of school.
Career Explorations - Chemical Engineer
PowerPoint about careers in chemical engineering.
Career Explorations - Industrial Engineer
This is a PowerPoint about Industrial Engineering Careers
Processes, Tools, and Materials of Technology
Tools, Measurements and Materials of the Engineering and Technology Pathway
100 different research topics on technology
Use these topics for discussions or essays.
Chapter 1 : The world of architeture
Architecture Chapter 1
Worksheet 1 - Architecture
Chapter 2 wksht
Engineering the Future Project Workbook #1
The purpose of the fi rst project is for you to learn how new technologies are developed and manufactured and how they affect your way of life. You will complete a few introductory tasks about developing new products, the engineering design process, and how to make engineering drawings. You will also design your own new products, first as an individual, then as a member of a design team.
Chapter 1: Welcome to the Designed World
Engineering the Future Text for Foundations and Concepts
Chapter 2: Birth of a New Technology
Engineering the Future
Chapter 3: Designs That Take Flight
Engineering the Future
Chapter 4: Beyond Words
Engineering the Future
Chapter 5: The Art of Engineering
Engineering the Future
Chapter 7 : A Universe of Systems
Engineering the Future
Chapter 9: Like Nature Intended
Engineering the Future
Engineering the Future Project 2 - Workbook
In Project 2.0, you will design a building of the future. You may think of a building as a large organizer of human tasks, with specific places to cook, eat, sleep, watch television, brush your teeth, or converse with other people. If it’s a place of work, your building may also have places to produce and sell products or work at computers or other complex machinery. But before you begin to design your building, you will also need to think like a structural engineer. The tasks that make up Project 2.0 will help you do that, so at the end, you will be able to design a building to help improve people’s lives in the 21st century.
Engineering the Future Chapter 14
Chapter book for Foundations and Concepts of Technology
Engineering the Future Chapter 15: Building Green
Foundations and Concepts Chapter Book
Chapter 16: A Race for the Sun
Engineering the Future Chapter 16 - Foundations and Concepts Text
Engineering the Future Project 3
For this project, you will redesign the “putt-putt boat,” a toy that was invented over a hundred years ago! These boats are still being manufactured today in India, and shipped all over the world for people to buy.
Chapter 18: Shooting for the Moon
Foundations and Concepts Text
Chapter 19: Fuel from the Fields
Engineering the Future Text for Foundation and Concepts.
Chapter 20 : An Ingenious Engine
Engineering the Future for Foundations and Concepts
Chapter 21: Energy from the Earth
Engineering the Future : Text for Foundations and Concepts of Engineering
Chapter 22: Good Chemistry
Foundations and Concepts Textbook
Chapter 23: Down the Pipes
Foundations and Concepts of Engineering Text
Engineering the Future Project 4
In Project 4 you’ll learn how electrical engineers design systems by designing and building some yourself. You’ll fi gure out a code to control a scoreboard, build a sound system and an FM radio, create a circuit to control the color of a light display, design and build a mouse detector, and a fan control system. You’ll also fi nd out how ammeters and voltmeters work, and how to generate your own electric current.
Chapter 24
Engineering the Future.
Chapter 25:
Engineering the Future
Chapter 26
Engineering the Future
Chapter 27
Engineering the Future
Chapter 28:
Engineering the Future
Chapter 29
Engineering the Future
Chapter 30
Engineering the Future
chapter 31
Engineering the Future
Chapter 32
Engineering the Future
Research Resources
These are good resources to use when doing projects or research papers.
Video Game Design: Chapter 1
My Role on the team
Windows Operating System Fundamentals
Study Guide for test 98-349
Security Fundamentals
Study Guide for test 98-367
Networking Fundamentals
Study guide for test 98-366
.Net Fundamentals, 98-372
Programming and Applications Development
Gaming Development
Fundamentals, 98-374
HTML Fundamentals Study Guide for Microsoft Certification
HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals, Test 98-375
21st Century Communications Skills Rubric
Communication and Collaboration is a key component in this class. This is how your verbal and non-verbal communication skills will be graded in this class.
Energy Forms and Changes
You will need to understand the information in these slides to be successful in completing project 3.0. Read this and answer the quiz questions in Edmodo.
Example of a Good Agriculture and Biotechnology Project
Biotechnology is defined as “any technique that uses living organisms, or parts of organisms, to make or modify products, improve plants or animals, or to develop microorganisms for specific purposes.” from Standards for Technological Literacy, ITEEA/ITEA, p.149.
Safety in the Workshop
You will need to view this before going into the lab.
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