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 Event    Location Date
 GA Tech Chapter of National Society of Black Engineers Leadership Retreat GA Tech 8/8/15 10a.m-2pm
 TSA Chapter Officer Retreat for Excellence Rabun County, GA 9/16/16-9/18/16
 Atlanta, GA 10/8/15
 TSA Tech Day Perry, GA 10/12/15 (this is a school holiday - Columbus Day)
 Georgia Gravity GamesDouglasville, GA   10/24/15 at 7 am
TSA -  Fall Leadership Conference Leadercon Jekyll Island, GA 11/13/15-11/15/15
Other  Annual Events
Verizon Wireless App Challenge - You don't need to know how to program to do this.  You will get a mentor. 
Dekalb County Technology Fair  - It is usually held the last Saturday in January.  The competitions are similar to the TSA competions.
 Regional Science and Engineering FairScience students participate in several academic competitions throughout the school year. The primary competition is the DeKalb Regional Science and Engineering Fair.
Other Activities :


This course stresses engineering activities, such as designing, drafting, and fabrication. Students will learn and utilize the design process to design and make a small CO2 powered vehicle. The steps involved will be to identify the problem, make small thumbnail sketches to get many ideas, make rough sketches of a few of the designs of choice, select a final design and make a working drawing, and finally build the vehicle. Simply click on the curriculum title for a detailed description of the TLA.

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The Design Process

This TLA is designed to expose students to the many different tools and resources used in technology. This unit will focus on how to safely use the tools and materials of technology to construct a small project using wood. Many different processes of technology will also be covered, from cutting stock to size using jigs and fixtures, to the final application of a stain finish. (approx. 6-7 classes)

CO2 Car Design TLA

In this TLA the entire class will work together and become a company. The company will take on the task of researching, designing, manufacturing, and marketing a useful product. Every student will participate in the design process. Once a final design has been chosen, the plans are then tranfered into a CAD (computer aided design) drawing, and a milling machine is used to mass produce the product. Three divisions will be developed, manufacturing, marketing, and quality control / assembly, each reponsible for different opperations. (approx. 8 classes)

Aerodynamics TLA

In this TLA students will conduct an experiment on the principles of flight. All students will construct a paper airplane, conduct tests about the plane's flight performance, make alterations to the airplane's structure, and finally, make a conclusion based on thier findings. A wind tunnel will be used to demonstrate aerodynamics and to experiment with Bernouli's Principle. The unit content includes the history of aviation, various aviation flying machines, inventors, and flight principles. (approx. 4 classes)

Speed Calculations TLA

In this TLA students will learn the principle of magnetic levitation and how it is utilized in the transportation industry. As part of the curriculum, students will research, design, construct and contest magnetic levitation vehicles. The vehicles will be made out of only post-consumer materials and the students will work in teams of two or three. The object is to travel down 8 feet of track using only wind from a fan to power them. Recycling, design, problem solving, teamwork, and safety will be covered. (approx. 5 classes)


Computer Aided Design TLA

Students will use computers to design magazine covers, posters, slide shows, advertisements, mechanical drawings, house floor plans, solid models, etc. They will understand how a computer can be used as a design tool, replacing pencils, markers, crayons, paint, clay, etc. The curriculum materials are designed by using the following software, however most any graphic arts software can be used. CorelDraw, Autosketch, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Publisher. (5 or 6 classes)


Computer Aided Manufacturing TLA

This is an optional activity for students who complete all requirements for the class early. Students who decide to engage in this activity use the knowledge they obtained from the CAD assignments, to make drawings of the project of their choice. They start by drawing an object using Autosketch . Next they convert the file into a language that is readable by the CNC Machine (Computer Numeric Control). They then insert the stock in the CNC Machine and simply run the program. The CNC machine does all the work by shaping, drilling, boring, engraving, or cutting the shape that they have designed. We use a Spectra Light Mill 1000 (by Light Machines Corp.) and a DaVinci milling machine, but any manufacturer will accomplish the same results. (2 or 3 classes)


Digital Photography

As part of the Computer Aided Design assignment, I require the students to use a photo (picture) of some sort in their project. I allow them to choose what project they want, but I do limit the content to some specifics. (See the curriculum downloads for a list) Most students choose to design a magazine cover. This is good for some because there is an existing design in front of them and their task is to try and copy it as best as they can. They end up really learning how to edit text and graphics to look similar to the existing cover. The students must either use a digital camera to take a picture, digitize an existing picture using a scanner, or download a picture from the web to insert in their project. They must then edit the photo in some manner to enhance it for their purpose. They are graded on how well the final picture appears and is used.

Research Project

This TLA is the first half of a two part activity, research and design. The students are required to research a specific topic (inventors, inventions, careers, etc.) and then write a 1 page report. Later they will use the information they gather to design a web page. The students will be graded on shier research content, spelling, punctuation, and the completion of all required information. Students are required to submit the research on a computer generated paper and to also save a copy of the work to a floppy disk to be used later in the term. The students are not restricted to any specific word processing software. Mac or PC based programs may be used. (Out of class assignment, due 1 week from date assigned)

T-shirt Design and Fabrication

This is an optional activity for students who complete all requirements for the class early. Students who decide to engage in this activity use the knowledge they obtained from the CAD assignments, to make T-shirt designs of their choice. The curriculum materials are designed by using CorelDraw, however most any graphic arts software package can be used.

Web Page Design

For this TLA students will use the research they gathered earlier in the term (inventors, inventions, careers, etc.) to design and create a web page. Instead of giving a report or personal presentation to the class the traditional way, they will report the research by designing and publishing a web page. The web sites that they create will serve as a database for lower grades to utilize. The students were originally graded on shier research and will be graded again for presentation when they complete the final web page design. We use a program called Macromedia Dreamweaver for the web page layout and Macromedia Fireworksfor any special effects or graphics. These software titles can be downloaded for a free trial and also can be purchased together as an educational version

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