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2021-2022 Athletic Schedules 
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athletic event schedules: 

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Baseball Varsity '21-'22        Soccer Varsity '21-'22
  Baseball Varsity Schedule     Soccer Varsity Schedule
Baseball JV '21-'22                    Soccer JV '21-'212 
  Baseball JV Schedule                Soccer JV Schedule         
Basketball Varsity '21-'22    Softball Varsity '21-'22
 Basketball Var.  Schedule    Softball Varsity Schedule
Basketball JV '21-'22                  Softball JV '21-'22
   Basketball JV Schedule            Softball JV Schedule
Cross Country '21-'22           Swimming  '21-'22           
  Cross Country Schedule         Swimming Schedule
Football Varsity '21-'22         Tennis '21-'22
  Football Varsity Schedule      Tennis Schedule                                              
Football JV '21-'22             Track Boys & Girls  '21-'22
 Football JV Schedule         Track Boys & Girls Schedule
 Golf  '21-'22                           Volleyball Varsity '21-'22
  Golf Schedule                         Volleyball Var. Schedule
Gymnastics '21-'22               Volleyball JV  '21-'22
Gymnastics Schedule              Volleyball JV Schedule                   
                                                    Wrestling '21-'22
                                                      Wrestling Schedule                                           
Athletic Director 
Coach Sharon Richard
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