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CTAE Attends Leadership Institute
The students learned entrepreneurship, leadership, and employability skills from multi-millionaires, community leaders, motivational speakers, and community activists. The facilities, facilitators, staff and volunteers were outstanding. Miss Marilyn Evans, the Executive Director, set the stage for two days full of learning, etiquette and business protocol training. Mr. Robert and Ms. Shirley taught us how to use branding and marketing to build a successful business. Ms. Khadijah and Mr. Shannon Darby (choreographer) taught us how to present ourselves with comfort, swagger, poise, and finesse on stage. Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Maria taught us how to have vision, focus, and discipline as entrepreneurs, and our chef Mr. Jeffrey Carter created five-star food that was both tasty and visually appealing. Finally, the founder, Mr. Lecester (Bill) Allen, gave his presence, mentorship, and generosity. All in all, our experience has been priceless. We could never have imagined that the students would be impacted on a level that was beyond their expectations. In fact, we are all still in amazement, and we will be sure to take the things that we have learned and apply them in our Career Pathway programs and Career Technical Student Organizations.   

Here are some pictures of the event.  
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