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AMHS TSA Wins Big at State Conference

Congratulations to the AMHS Technology Student Association (TSA) Chapter for finishing 16th overall and top 10% among all 163 Georgia HS chapters at the Georgia TSA State Leadership Conference held March 15-18 in Athens, GA.

  • AMHS won The White Star Chapter Award for increasing our membership by 122%!
  • Nyla Baxter won the prepared presentation competition, and she qualified to compete in Nationals in June!
  • Mrs. Bridges-Mathieu was awarded the 100% Chapter Advisor Award and the Georgia TSA State Board of Directors Appreciation Award.
  • Ms. Rush won the 100% Chapter Advisor Award.

AMHS placed in the State Finals Top Ten in 15 events:
1. Animatronics - 7th place: Morgan Cosby,Kene Lively,Nathan Watkins, Arnese Spencer, Timilehin Adenuga, Ananda Dobbs, Nyla Baxter
2. Board Game Design - 9th place: Sauyer Stewart, Leanna Paulk, Morgan Spruill, Annette-Dove Edwin, Samya Samuel, Chrysta Megargel
3. Chapter Team - 10th  place: The chapter officers: Morgan Cosby, Nyla Baxter, Kene Lively, Miracle Harvey Sauyer Stewart, Zahria Davis, Toni Dismuke, Jonathan Jacobs
4. Engineering Design - 8th place: Miracle Harvey, Gil Mckinney, Hilina Genanw, Samya Samuel
5. Flight Endurance - 10th place: Gil Mckinney
6. Forensic Science - 6th place: Daniellange Auguste, Morgan Spruill
7. GA TSA Legacy Chapter - 9th place: The whole chapter
8. Geospatial Technology - 4th place: Nicholas Scott, Caleb Weems, and Morgan Spruill
9, On-Demand Video - 10th place: Samuel Cheeks, Malcolm Brown, Hilina Genanw, Andrew Thompson, Anderson Ward
10. Prepared Presentation - 1st place: Nyla Baxter won!
11. Promotional Design - 10th place: Annette-Dove Edwin
12. Software Development - 10th place: Toni Dismuke, Morgan Cosby, Daniellange Auguste, Hilina Genanw, Leanna Paulk, Kendyll Thomas
13. Systems Control Technology - 5th place: Kene Lively, Ananda Dobbs, and Jonathan Jacobs
14. Virtual Reality Visualization - 10th place: Chelsea Bernard, Richard Talley, Zahria Davis, Brison Craig, Arnese Spencer
15. Webmaster - 8th place: Toni Dismuke, Chelsea Bernard, Joel Osanghe

AMHS placed in the semi-finals in the following categories:
  • Coding - Daniellange Auguste and Toni Dismuke
  • Electrical applications - Mezmure Teketstal
  • Essays on Technology - Fanta Ndiaye
  • Video game design - Tim Nguyen, Andrew Thompson, Anderson Ward, Nathan Watkins, Daniellange Auguste

Last but not least, Sauyer Stewart was a state officer candidate.

For context, here are Georgia TSA and State Conference numbers:

Georgia TSA 2022-2023 Membership Numbers
  • Total Chapters - 241 (#1 State in TSA)
  • Total Middle School (MS) Chapters - 78 (#2 State in TSA)
  • Total High School (HS) Chapters - 163 (#1 State in TSA)
  • Total Student Membership - 25,617
2023 State Conference Numbers
  • Total Attendance - 2929
  • Total Chapters - 182 Chapters
  • MS Chapters - 47
  • HS Chapters - 135
  • Total Competitive Events - 85
  • MS Events - 38
  • HS Events -  46