Arabia Mountain High School

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AMHS K-Dance Team

On December 16, 2023, the AMHS K-Dance Team performed at a special event hosted by the United Georgia Beauty Supply Association (UGBSA). Our K-Dance team showcased its exceptional talent with two stunning performances: the fan dance and the drum dance. The team's remarkable performance attracted a large audience and received great applause. Additionally, the eight students received scholarships totaling $4,500. Dr. Rutledge was present to represent AMHS at the event.

The eight students who participated are:

  • Zara Calloway (12th)
  • Chelsea Bernard (12th)
  • Kelia Roye (12th)
  • Jazmine Winston (11th)
  • Sarah Epps (11th)
  • Santana Martin (10th)
  • Jaide Kennedy Holt (9th)
  • Johniya Phillips (9th)
Watch the team's dances: