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Arabia Mountain High School

Dekalb County Schools

Emergency Procedures

Evacuation Procedures

In the event of an emergency that requires the evacuation of the school, all students will be evacuated to their designated locations in a safe and orderly manner. Please do not respond to Arabia Mountain High School to check your student out of school. The checkout process will only occur at the designated evacuation locations. In order to maintain a full accountability of all students and staff members, students will not be permitted to check themselves out of school.  Students will be evacuated to the following locations:
Primary Evacuation Locations:
  • Miller Grove High School Grades 9-10
  • Lithonia High School Grade 11-12
Alternate Evacuation Locations:
  • Martin Luther King High Grades 9-10
  • Stephenson High School Grades 11-12

Safe Schools

Please use the links below to access information about fire alert, lockdown, and emergency operations at Arabia Mountain High School: