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Arabia Mountain High School

Dekalb County Schools


Arabia Mountain High School Volleyball 2023 
Head Coach: Bruce Pfleger (Coach P) [email protected] 
Assistant Coaches: Ashlynn Carthan (in process)

This page last updated May 26, 2024

Varsity and JV Tryouts:
Varsity tryouts were held May 7-8. We are please to announce the 2024 Varsity Team (see below Summer Schedule). 

Tryouts for the JV program will likely be during the planning week:
29 July - 2 August 2024 4-6 PM and will take 2-3 days.

Summer Schedule - those part of the program are expected to participate 

June Practices
June practices are planned for Tue-Wed-Thr 10 AM - noon.
These dates are June 4-6, 11-13, 18-20, 25-27.
All players are expected to participate. 
There will be a mix of practices for new/experienced players.
Tues/Thurs: practice for Varsity players or other experienced players with coach permission.
Weds: practice for new or less experienced players.
Schedule subject to change.

Team Camp
We will be participating in the Emory Team Camp 21-23 July on Emory University Campus. They run a great program featuring drills and high-level competition with other schools. Varsity players are expected to participate. 

2024 Varsity Team
Aubrey Allen
Ja’Rai Flynn 
Madison Ikiriko 
Layla Norton 

2023 Post-Season Awards
All-Area Teams
First Team
#10 Haley Martin
#1 Dior Smith
Second Team
#3 Kai Ture
#2 A'Niyah Morrow

All-District Teams
First Team
#10 Haley Martin
Second Team
#1 Dior Smith
Honorable Mention
#2 A'Niyah Morrow

2023 Contact Form 

2023 Tryouts
Tryouts for the 2023 Varsity team were held 8-10 May, 2023. The resulting team is listed below

Tryouts for the 2023 JV team were held Aug 1 and Aug 2, 2023. The resulting team is listed below

Volleyball Managers: 

In addition to helping during practices, managers attend home and road matches with essential jobs: scorekeeper, libero tracker, score flipper, line judge, and stat keepers. If you are willing to learn multiple jobs, apply here There is a manager's meeting after school early in the school year 

Volleyball Manager Link


Forms are generally good for one year after filling out. 

These days all forms get uploaded to DragonFly (Create an account on and join Arabia Mountain High School code is P3MBMB).

To be cleared for practice/play on a team, all forms must be uploaded onto DragonFly and approved by the Athletic Director.

  1. The Dekalb Physical form has three parts to it to upload into 3 separate parts of the DragonFly record:
    1. History Form (pages 1-2) gets uploaded to GHSA Health History Form
    2. Physical Evaluation Form (page 3) gets uploaded into GHSA Physical Examination Form
    3. Medical Eligibility Form (page 4) gets uploaded into the GHSA Medical Eligibility Form


Required for tryouts (note Physical Form needed for summer activities):

Dekalb County Preparticipation Physical Form (Fillable)

Return to Participation Guidelines

Emergency Medical Card


Additional Required For Players Making a Team:




2023 Varsity Roster

Varsity Team
14 Aubrey    Allen
 5  Adhieu (Jane) Aroch 
 8  Makayla    Deshield (not pictured)
 4  Athalia    Henderson
11 Madison     Ikiriko
10 Haley    Martin
 2 ANiyah    Morrow
 1 Dior    Smith
 6 Malia     Starks
 3 Kai    Ture

2023 JV Roster

Embedded Image for: 2023 JV Roster (202395105548643_image.jpg)
 1 Ania Andrews
 3 Arianna Armstrong
 2 Shani Banks
10 Taylor Brown
13 Aurielle Gatling
17 Elana Gayle
22 Jayla Hayes
11 Alyssa Ivy (not pictured)
20 Chloe Jackson
15 Aldana Negussie

29 Layla Norton
31 Penelope Penn-Jones
 7 Serenity Saxton
18 London Usher

2023 Varsity Schedule and Results


8/10/2023AMHSNewton6:30NewtonWin 2-11-0

Win 2-02-0

8/12/2023AMHSTowers9:30SpikefestWin 2-03-0

Cedar Grove11:30TuckerWin 2-04-0

Loss 0-24-1

Loss 0-24-2

8/15/2023AMHSTowers5:30AMHSWin 2-05-2

Win 2-06-2

8/22/2023AMHSRedan6:30RedanWin 2-07-2*

*Coach Pfleger's 200th Win
8/24/2023AMHSSWD5:30SWDWin 2-18-2

Win 2-09-2

8/26/2023AMHSLakeside, EvansTBDBrookwoodLoss 0-29-3

Athens Academy

Loss 0-29-4

Jackson County

Loss 0-29-5


Loss 0-29-6

8/29/2023AMHSMcNair5:30McNairWin 2-110-6

Win 2-011-6

8/31/2023AMHSHapeville Charter5:30AMHSWin 2-012-6

Win 2-013-6

9/5/2023AMHSDecatur5:30DecaturLoss 0-213-7

Loss 0-213-8

9/7/2023AMHSLakeside6:30AMHSLoss 0-213-9

9/12/2023AMHSMLK5:30AMHSWin 2-114-9

Win 2-015-9

9/19/2023AMHSTucker5:30TuckerWin 3-116-9

9/21/2023AMHSLakeside6:30LakesideLoss 0-216-10

9/26/2023AMHSHeritage5:00HeritageLoss 1-316-11

9/28/2023AMHSMaynard Jackson5:30AMHSLoss 0-216-12

Loss 0-216-13

10/3/2023AMHSStone Mountain5:30AMHSWin 2-017-13

Win 2-018-13

10/4/2023AMHSDruid Hills5:30DHLoss 0-218-14

Stone Mountain6:30
Win 2-019-14

10/11/2023AMHS (3)Lithonia (6)5:30AMHSWin 3-020-14
10/12/2023AMHSDecatur5:30ChambleeLoss 0-320-15
10/12/2023AMHSTucker6:30ChambleeLoss 1-320-16

10/18/2023AMHSStatesboro6:30GA Southern ULoss 1-320-17

2023 JV Schedule and Results

DateYour SchoolOpponentsTimeLocationResultsRecord

8/15/2023AMHSColumbia5:30AMHSWin 2-01-0

8/22/2023AMHSRedan5:30RedanWin 2-02-0

8/24/2023AMHSSWD/MLK5:30SWDLoss 1-22-1

Win 2-03-1

8/31/2023AMHSHapeville Charter5:30AMHSWin 2-04-1

Win 2-05-1

9/7/2023AMHSLakeside5:30AMHSLoss 0-25-2