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Educational Links

Links for Students:
3D modeling : 

Software may include, but not limited to:


Aerospace & Aviation Resources

 Animation Software:
Audio Production:
Design Squad (PBS)
Device Modification:

Some examples include, but are not limited to:

Digital Game Design
Digital Photo Production:

Software may include but not limited to:

Engineering and Technology Links  
Engineer's Toolbox (common theories and techniques)
Graphic Design:
Internet Applications:

Software may include, but not limited to:

  • Dreamweaver
  • Wordpress
  • Weebly
  • Cloud9
  • Google Sites

Mechanical Engineering lesson/activities Links

Mobile App Development
Multimedia Application Development (this is the best website for technology students)
Video Editing :
  • Adobe Premier
  • Apple Final Cut Pro
  • Apple iMovie -free for mac
  • Wondershare Filmora - free version
  • VDSC Free Video Editor -free
  • Shotcut- free

Dekalb County Schools

You will need your Microsoft Office 365 login for this. You will also need this member id: 1203862712 and this program key FA99DA20-8C6F-4DC3-A616-AC0696590B9A  
Learn to Program Computers or Make Apps:
STEM GEMS - 44 women in different STEM fields 
Tech Literacy or Tech Bowl Challenge Resources:


  • Gookin, Dan. PCs for Dummies. IDG Books. January 2000. ISBN: 0764581309
  • Maran, Ruth. Computers Simplified. 4th Edition. IDG Books. September 1998. ISBN: 0764560425
  • Maran, Ruth. The Internet and World Wide Web Simplified. IDG Books. October 1999. ISBN: 0764534092
  • Rathbone, Andy. Windows 98 for Dummies. IDG Books Worldwide. June 1998. ISBN: 0764502611
  • White, Ron. How Computers Work. 5th Edition. MacMillan. 1999. ISBN: 0789721120
  • Wingate, Phillipa. The Internet for Beginners. EDCP. August 1997. ISBN: 881109290
The Internet of Things Case Study 
  • Java
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • C++
  • PHP
  • Swift
Learn to write code in a classroom:
National Center for Biotechnology 
Immediate Response
UK STEM Projects and Curriculum 
Make your own toys
Tips for getting girls involved in STEM (submitted by Alyssa Roberts) 

Various Websites that may be used to enhance your learning:

General Physics Sites

· The Physics Classroom

· University of Colorado Physics Simulations

Motion simulations: The Moving Man, Projectile Motion, Motion in 2D, Maze game

· Math Skills for Physics Students

· Ron Nave’s Hyperphysics Site

· Physics Lessons


Specific Content

· Projectile Motion (requires Adobe Shockwave)

· Projectile Motion (requires JAVA)

· Projectile Motion Simulation (PHET)

  • Women in STEM: an editorial exploration on the state of women in STEM with several interviews from women in the industry and a collection of scholarships.
  • Career Guide for STEM: featuring paths of study, specializations, job options, as well as an interview with a woman with 23 years of experience working in STEM.

Communication Tech Links 

Adobe This is a site dedicated to teaching about digital photography and video. There is a neat lesson idea about making a video of the school for new students.

CybeSmart Site which has good lesson plans for kids grade 6-8 on how the internet works .

How A Computer Works Intel has created a website that breaks down the way a computer works into the most basic format that I have ever seen! The activities explain everything from binary code to how digital pictures work. It also has a neat section on how a computer's "brain" compares to the human brain.

 General Tech Links

Current Events for Kids is an excellent website if you are interested in your students staying up-to-date with current events. based.

Bureau of Labor and Statistics The BLS allows you to search any area of employment. It has excessive information about careers and occupations.

Copyright and the Internet Everything you need to know about copyright especially how it pertains to the internet

Discovery Channel This site has all the episodes form the discovery channel. It allows you to access live shows on the internet or videos.

How Stuff Works
I love this website if I want to find out how things work. From basic stuff to very complicated. It includes animations, videos, graphics, and good descriptions.

The Futures Channel site has over 100 small videos about new jobs and technological advancements. Most of the videos are designed for students and provide a study guide for students to incorporate into a classroom.

The Learning Channel This site has links for all the guides and shows on The Learning Channel.
Simple Machines This is an interactive site all about the simple machines. Describes and explains the mechanical advantage of each machine family.

United States Patent Office- This is a kids page version for children and teachers to learn about inventions.

Construction Tech Links:

Architecture lessons and activities This page is a one-stop resource for students, teachers, and parents.

Architect Studio 3D This is the Architect Studio 3D homepage. On this Web site, you can design a house, walk through it in 3D, and then share it with the world.
Google Sketchup Free drawing website.

Metric Conversion Calculator This site has calculators for conversion in temperature, length, volume and weight.

West Point Bridge Design This site is for the West Point bridge design contest. It is geared toward kids 13 and up. The goal is to design the least expensive bride that will pass a simulated load test.

Zillow This site is great for getting an aerial view on a property
Manufacturing Tech Links
RMI of Maryland The Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland has a collection of interesting, entertaining, and educational websites - targeted for students and educators. 
Transportation Tech Links

2007 TSA Dragster Competition Results - This is the perfect site to show pictures of the winning TSA national co2 car designs. Note: Students can use in research of own cars.

National Air and Space Museum This site is all about the history of aircraft. Includes links to museum events, classroom, resources, teaching resources, online activities and more. .

Smithsonian Education This is a great site to search lesson plans relating to science and technology, for example, flight activities for teaching concepts of flight. It also has a resource link, professional development and fieldtrip information.

Your Own Flight This site discusses the four forces of flight. Each force has a link which describes the force and it’s impact on flight. Also has activity for creating own model aircraft. There are several designs for a variety of types of aircraft.



Google Sketchup 
Welcome.  Here you will find links to 4 tutorials that will help you learn how to use Google Sketchup.  Click on each link to familiarize yourself with the tools and applications available on this program.  Once you are finished with the tutorials experiment using the program.  This program will be used to draft several designs for upcoming projects.

Tutorial 1

Google Sketchup:
Links for Teachers:
Technology Education
Georgia Career Technical and Agricultural Education Website
Georgia Technology Blog
Georgia Engineering and Technology Association 
STEM programs at Georgia Tech 
STEM websites activities and Trip Ideas 
Career & Technical
Special Populations -
STEM Lesson Plans 
Misc Educational Links
Microsoft Certification
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