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Safety Tips and Conduct
Tools Training and Safety

Always wear eye protection when working in the fabrication room.
  1. Never operate machinery prior to teacher approval.
  2. Always inspect tools and machines for damage or hazards before use.
  3. Immediately inform the teacher should an accident occur.
  4. Do not distract individuals who are operating machinery.
  5. Stand only in the “operator zone” while operating machinery.
  6. Power tools should be unplugged by the plug and never by the cord.
  7. Do not horseplay in the lab.
  8. Never use a tool for a purpose for which it was not designed.
  9. Do not leave out materials, especially those that are sharp, slippery, etc.
  10. Loose hair must be tied up, loose clothing must tucked in, jewelry must be removed, and long sleeves must be rolled up while working in the fabrication room.
  11. Close-toed shoes are required to use machinery.
  12. Flammable materials must be stored in the appropriate cabinets when not in use.
  13. Clean off machinery and work-area prior to exiting the lab.


All of the videos for the proper way to handle tools are located on my Google Drive.  Please click here   Please note that you may need to be logged into Google to see the link, so you may need to have a gmail account. 

 Click Here for the Quizlet Safety Exercises and Games

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